Outstanding long-running magazine of poetry, prose and artwork. ‘The Glittering Sea’ is one of their ‘flagship’ poems.
Much information and writing about French pioneer of the theatre of cruelty, including full text of Donald Gardner's 1988 essay, "Antonin Artaud: the Reinvention of the Human Face".
Publishers of poetry and of modern poetry in translation. Publisher of ‘I Dreamed in the Cities at Night’ (September 2006), my translations of Remco Campert.
Personal site of New York ‘language’ poet, Edwin Torres
website of Maggie Balistreri, poet/poetry organizer and author of the "Evasion-English dictionary"
Site of Patrizia Filia, dancer, choreographer and writer. Director of ‘Chicken with Madness’ (1987)
Site of Hearing Eye publications, publishers of ‘The Glittering Sea’.
Bill Duke's site; gives good NY poetry calendar and links to many NY poets
Excellent web ‘library’ of poets, including my own pages.
"Official" calendar for New York poetry events.
"Poetry changes people"; selection of work by NY poets, plus a massof info. about NY poetry scene.
Site of poet, Dee Rimbaud, editor of anthology, ‘The Book of Hope and Dreams’ to appear Autumn 2006, that includes my poem, ‘In the Alder Thicket’. The anthology is intended to raise funds for ‘Spirit Aid’, a charity providing medical help in Afghanistan.
Site of NY multicultural arts organization, the Gathering of the Tribes,with poetry readings, magazine and gallery.
Site of poet and poetry-publisher Victoria Rivas' press, Ye Olde FontShoppe, publisher of "How to Get the Most out of Your Jet Lag" (New Haven 2001)